Saturday, September 02, 2006


Hello People

I still seem to be having difficulty with the photos but will see what this does if you've seen the first blog on Cardiff cc deemed an unfit social landlord.

You will have noticed the curtain screen that the council had the cheek to tell me to take down. They know all the bullshit that I have had to put up with from these nuisance heighbours, yet if you look at image 3 n 4 below you will see the state of the walk around the corner from the front view that is the land that I gave over after 2.5 yrs of attending, four years ago it would have looked more like 1 below if I still had possession of it as the grape vine at the back of the garden was going to be an arbored screen but I had to remove the majority of plants on giving it up and the most suitable place was at the back of the garden. Lets see how this looks.

and they like to think that I am telling porkies pies when I say these housing officers are victimizing me, which of the two ought to be recieving the letter telling them to sort out their garden???????
yeah not you Crazydave not you.
Do you like the little wind mill in the top foto, oh how I wish it were a micro wind turbine cos the little thing seldom is at rest spin spin spin, and direct into the national grid how much would that be reducing your electricity bill by crazydave, If I had two of the little beauties loads dude LOADS!!!!!
Love n Light people Love n Light and creative intelligence!!!!!
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